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The Mathes Group


The Mathes Group is an e-commerce family business dedicated to providing products and information to enhance the lives of dogs and puppies in our home and yours.  

Many of the products we have selected are ones we routinely use for our own dogs. Should you choose to purchase any of our products, we would enjoy hearing about your purchasing experience. We welcome your questions and comments, so give us the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Promoting our products, articles, and eBooks on Shopify is new to us. We hope you like the system and ease of use. Our company embraces quality as the results of our pursuit of excellence and we expect our readers to hold us to that goal. 

 When Mom retired from college level teaching and I began my career as a corporate trainer and curriculum writer, we joined forces to broaden our passion for teaching and writing. For the eBooks and articles we select, we use a simple criteria; one or both of us learns something about dogs and their care. Because we are teachers, we hope you enjoy the articles and eBooks and learn more about caring for your dogs and puppies.

 The Mathes Group is located in Florida although we are all originally from Texas. Should you speak to us on the phone, you would hear that Texas twang! Another transplanted Texan on our team is my wife, Emily. Yes, she is a teacher turned trainer too. Just runs in the family.